Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Why do they say women have so much power in the pornography industry '? J ' ve always heard women have so much power in the porn industry '. Since I am really desperate d ' a job and need money ' d to move this summer. I don ' has failed to find a job. J ' have decided to resume a concert porn as something once. After much searching and research, I ' ve found one that paid me $ 3,000 and not requiring me to get completely naked or have sex. J ''ve decided to take the ' offers. After completing the encounter with the crew and all they had ' m sitting on a sofa and begins to do an interview before live fire. They ' m asked what I think men and pornography. I began to tell them that I think c ' is pathetic how people are so easy to control with the sex, the way some women are an idiot for letting them men disrespect in l & # 39; pornography industry, and d ' other things. Suddenly a blue, a naked man running towards me and grabbed ' m by my head and start trying to shove his you know what in my mouth. J ' were so upset by this action, I've tried ' of ' stop, but I've heard ' m ' the director yelled. J ' I realized I didn't listen, stop d ' Theyd and Id are not paid and I need him desperately ' s ' money. So the next hour or two was the worst experience of my life! The man wasn't even fresh, it was really brutal, rough and big game. He also doesn't care if my gag reflex kick in what ' s past is many things, and if I attempt to remove or ' s protest that HES be too rough, hed Pin Me Down and do what he wants '. L ' To add insult to injury, after ' that it was done, he simply say thank you ' s and went away. It was a very humiliating experience and degrading. I didn't do it by choice, I feel that I ' ve been forced by the situation unfortunate. J ' ve always if these girls leaving ' the man to exploit as was just scared and easily intimidated and does not speak. I do not know why people continue to assert that women have so much power in the industry '? I feel I just got totally exploited and I feel so powerless and helpless, nothing like what Jenna Jameson claimed. I feel so degraded and dirty the whole thing and I've ' l ' impression that his borderline rape that I ' I ' d been forced to accept just to get $ 3000.
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Man watching and downloading of internet porn every day, and lying to me and try to hide it ... Please help!? actually ive been going through this for a long time. I think it is available on his cell phone when he saw him, and now that he had bought a new computer ... today i checked and there was a page called redtube. and surprise, he saw Jenna Jameson. in sick of it, and I want to stop it, what the hell do I do? im not going to change, as I am, just because he likes to see a stupid ***** to play with themselves.
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